Design and creativity

Our goal from the beginning was to be able to combine lighting and architecture in unconventional products that managed to be, nevertheless, refined. Till today, our products are used for their contemporary and elegant design, which allows them to enhance our clients' residences.

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Quality lighting
A new generation system ensures the quality and durability...
Guaranteed energy efficiency and savings
The high level of professionalism already led to the creation of high-level products, so as to allow great energy savings
Safety and Warranty
With us you center the goal in safety and the guarantee of a product that meets every need and high quality standards

Quality and Training

Lighthouse was born from the specific knowledge in the field of lighting engineering, gained by the partners in more than 20 years of experience in the field. The last 10 years have been dedicated, as a natural evolution of lighting engineering, to LED and its applications. After years of testing LED lamps, lighting covers and strips in their various variations, the current product lines in the lighthouse catalog fulfill the required task with maximum performance.

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